May 6, 2009

Time for Sushi

As I've mentioned before, I have a sister who is a big fan of sushi. Sometime last year I saw the Sublime Stitching Sushi Bar patterns and immediately thought, "Birthday gift!" I bought some plain white dinner napkins at Target with the intent to stitch them up in time for my sister's birthday. Unfortunately, I didn't leave myself much time to get them finished, and when I took a look at the SS pattern I realized I wouldn't be able to have it sent to me soon enough to get the gift done. So I just drew the pattern myself based on the SS version. I think I got pretty close.

My plan was to use black to outline parts of the drawings as in a sketch and then use some color to fill in a few parts. This was decided partly to save time and partly because I liked the look of it. You'll see lots of back stitch, some long and short stitch, some satin stitch, and a few french knots. I'm especially fond of the rice bowl. I made the rice by using six strands of ecru floss with tight, overlapping seed stitch.

Sushi (9)
I folded them up and put them back into the original packaging, then used the back side of the little cardboard inserts that came with the package to make a tag and some care instructions. I think they came out pretty nicely, and they were fun to stitch. There are lots more photos, including closeups, on my flickr page.

Sushi (12)
Stay tuned for an accompanying project tomorrow....


Anonymous said...

and i love sushi too!
for sure your sister will love it! :)

Tweed Delights said...

Spotted them on Flickr - so fab : )

snipsnaphappy said...

I love the rice, it almost looks edible!