May 7, 2009


After stitching up the sushi napkins for my sister's birthday, I used another tutorial found courtesy of One Pretty Thing to make some complimentary chopstick rests. Three of them I really love; one of them is not my favorite, but I was limited by the rub-ons I had. Overall, though, I really like the look of them.

Chopstick Rests (4)
Chopstick Rests (2)
I had a red pouch on hand that I acquired at some point. I think it might have had a gift card in it. I saved it thinking I might use it for something down the line, and this seemed like the perfect thing to carry the chopstick rests. I removed the tag that was on the bag and restitched it, then used white floss to freehand stitch a few Japanese-looking flowers and leaves. It was a simple touch, but I think packaging and presentation can be just as important as the gift itself.

Chopstick Rests
The whole project was quite easy and very satisfying. It required minimal effort but made a pretty big impact and went along with my napkins perfectly. I just wish I knew more people who used chopsticks so I could make some more!

As usual, more photos (copious amounts, actually) on my flickr page.

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Anonymous said...

oh goodness the 'rests' came out beautiful! what a lucky gift recipient to get all those sushi goodies!

i so need to check into one pretty thing a lot more often!