May 12, 2009

Mom's Day, Belated

Dear Mother
I know I'm a little late with the sentiment, but Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there. It's hard work, all the face-wiping and boo boo-patching and diaper-changing and so on, but it's the best job in the world. I hope you got some extra kisses and cuddles and enjoyed your day.

I've been experimenting with new ways to use my interest in sewing and embroidery and have recently stitched up a few greeting cards. I'm really liking the result and decided that I wanted to make Mother's Day cards for the moms in our family. I kept the designs simple, using some 3x5" watercolor paintings done by my toddler and incorporating something that was unique to each person--a quilt design for the quilter, a flower for the gardener, a birdhouse for the bird watcher.

Dear Mother (5)
I think I'll be trying more of these in the future, using even more variety in the style and materials. It's really enjoyable to use a medium I already enjoy in a fresh way, and the possibilities are endless.

Dear Mother (10)
(As always, more photos on flickr.)


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful project between you and your toddler! awesome that she painted the card and you embellished with an appropriate stitchy theme! how did the mommies like them?!

Muddlepud said...

bwb, I've only heard from one so far, but she liked it a lot. It's hard not to make a grandmother happy with a grandchild's art. :)

snipsnaphappy said...

What a fabulous idea! The cards look absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

very true ;) but i'm sure everyone will love them!