May 13, 2009

It's in the Bag

Last fall we bought some new bedsheets, and they came packaged in cotton drawstring pouches. I held onto the pouches thinking they might have some other use, and during a recent reorganization of our play area, I realized they were the perfect thing to hold all the many loose toy pieces we seem to have floating around. It's so much easier to chuck them all in a bag than try to keep them together when they're not being used.

Puzzle Bag (4)
For the first pouch, I took a couple of puzzle pieces and traced them onto the bag, added some letters, and started stitching. I especially like the lettering, which is done with two strands of each color twisted together. Unfortunately you won't be able to see it very well in the photos because I couldn't be bothered to iron a bag that will just get wrinkled again the minute it's thrown into the toybox.

Puzzle Bag (2)
The second bag is my favorite. This one will hold lots of Little People bits. (Again, pardon the wrinkles.)

A Bag for the Littles (2)
I found some coloring pages at the Fisher Price website, which I put into Photoshop for some reworking until they were set the way I wanted them. Then I printed the final picture and traced it onto the pouch. I thought about using their official lettering too, but decided I wanted to keep this quick and easy, so I stuck with easy-to-read (kid friendly) lettering instead.

I'm currently plugging away at a more involved wip, so these were nice little diversions for the times when I didn't have the focus to do the bigger project. And even though they were fast and easy, they were really enjoyable to do, and I find myself enjoying cleanup time more with something fun to use. :) When I showed them to my toddler, she said, "Good job, Mama!" I think she likes them too.

A Bag for the Littles


snipsnaphappy said...

These are just lovely! I could do with at least ten - for little folk, for fairy figures, for disney figures, for things out of kinder eggs...and on and on! What a fab idea, and they look beautiful too!

Anonymous said...

fantastic bags! love the stitching, and seriously, ironing?! whatever! i do own an iron and ironing board but only use it for fabric, ha ha ha!

if clothes come out a bit wrinkly from the dryer, they go right back in with a wet wash cloth to help promote 'steaming'

Anonymous said...

My youngest is a Little People fanatic - he sleeps with Sonya Lee every night! Found you via Feeling Stitchy and just had to comment on the cute bag. Giving me inspiration to organize our playroom!