December 7, 2008

Become the Change

As promised (maybe a teeny bit late), this is the other big project that I recently completed.

It's for a family member who worked for AmeriCorps for two years. She has made strides to be more "green" and really likes the "Become the change ..." quote by Ghandi.

I used the Pupcat font and a downloaded image of the Americorps logo to create the design, printed it, and transferred it to the fabric (another piece of the recycled bed sheet), which I machine stitched to the tote when I was finished. All the lettering is done in satin stitch (whew!) and the logo is done in long and short stitch and back stitch.

This was another project in which I promised myself I wouldn't be so insane about perfection. I can see the flaws. The words aren't evenly spaced; the letters aren't always a consistent size or shape; the logo was too small to capture some of the detail well (such as the pointy borders around and inside the logo).

Nevertheless, after finishing it and taking a few days away, I can now look at it and say, "That's awesome!" I'm really proud of it and especially like how it looks with the dark blue fabric of the tote.

(Oh, and by the way, the tote is made using this pattern and with leftover twill that I had on hand. This project cost me nothing to make! Woohoo!)

I think it will be the perfect gift to be practical, "green," and reflective of the receiver's passions. Thanks for looking!

P.S. I realize my banner and design are sadly still fall-ish and not at all reflective of the season. It's bugging me, but it will have to wait until I come up for air. Christmas presents are almost done, and then I'll play with the blog some more. ;)

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Tweed Delights said...

This IS awesome! I love the font too - it works really well. :)