May 31, 2009

Roooarrrr! (Translation: Thank You)

Jungle Thank You
You know, I don't really consider myself a card-maker. I have several friends who make beautiful cards with card stock and pretty papers and ribbons and stamps. And while I can appreciate them, it's just not "me," not something I've had an interest in. Yet, yesterday I found myself working on more hand made cards, and I suddenly realized, "Ah, I guess I sort of do make cards."

I thought about it some more and decided that I don't make cards because I really love card making itself, but because I enjoy giving a card that is hand made. It's just that I don't do it in the more common, "scrapbook-y" way (for lack of a better term). My way is rather "quick and dirty," a little more carefree, but I like it that way. And it's great for using up and sharing toddler art.

Jungle Thank You (2)
Here's how you can make this kind of card too, in five easy steps:

1. Get some construction paper and stamps and ink. I used a set of foam jungle stamps that I found for $1 at Michael's and the cheapest ink pads I could get (because I knew they wouldn't be treated with much care). Let toddler stamp to heart's content (or, if lacking a toddler, stamp the cards yourself in a toddler-ish way).

2. Cut stamped paper into appropriate sizes and shapes for pre-made blank cards (or your own cards made with card stock). I like using my accumulated scrapbooking tools to make decorative edges, and I rounded the corners of the cards.

3. Attach the stamped paper to the cards.

4. Add a few accent stamps to the inside of the cards and on the envelopes.

5. Use a pen to jot your desired greeting on the card. (I then use a different style and color of ink to write a more personal message, so the greeting looks like part of the card's design.)

Jungle Thank You (3)
Voila! It's another quick, simple way to make something that's a little more personal, a little more fun. I like the abstract, colorful look of these, people like having my kiddo's artwork, and she likes making a huge mess all over my craft space. Everyone wins.


Mary Smith said...

Hi! I just found your blog! Hope to keep reading, it looks so cute!

Tweed Delights said...

These are really sweet - I like the rustic, abstract look too :)

Keeps everyone happy and creative - what's not to love? :D

Muddlepud said...

Welcome, Mary! Thanks for visiting.