May 4, 2009

How to Write a Quality Craft Blog

Every so often One Pretty Thing posts a "crafty reading" roundup with links to websites that have useful advice or information for the crafty folk. I always enjoy these, and I thought to myself, "Self, since you are such an awesome blogger, so regular with your posting and always offering such intriguing and useful posts, you ought to write up some crafty advice yourself." (You do sense the sarcasm, right?) So here is my contribution. I think you will find it helpful.

How to Write a Quality Craft Blog

1. Keep it relevant. Timeliness is key. While painting Easter eggs with eager little ones, take plenty of photos so you can write about sweet little hands swiping away with a variety of paints and total abandon. Plan to write about how one little boy painted every single one of his eggs red, how another grew frustrated each time he discovered he didn't have an egg in every single hole on his muffin tin, how a little girl concentrated fiercely on covering her eggs in every color of paint at once and refused to remove her art smock at naptime. Then most certainly do not leave all the photos on the camera until about four weeks after Easter. Do not then post a photo anyway.

Painting Eggs
2. Keep it interesting. This would decidedly not include a total halt to all crafting. It is difficult to write about crafts when there are no crafts being made. It would also not involve taking photos of daisies because there is nothing else to post about. (And then, of course, forgetting to take the photos off of the camera until three weeks later. And then posting them anyway.)

Daisy, Daisy
3. Keep it focused.... Oh, look, a bumblebee!

4. Keep it consistent. This involves regular posting. Perhaps more often than every four weeks. Maybe even two or three times a week. This is much easier said than done, especially when one has a backlog of unfinished projects. And several hundred month-old photos still sitting on the camera in need of Photoshopping. And so many distractions, what with all the lush green and the flowers popping up everywhere. (See #3 above.)

May Flowers
And that's all there is to it! My keys to successful craft blog writing. I'm sure if you follow these four easy steps you will find readers showing up in droves.

As you can see, I am a huge believer in practicing what you preach. Ha! Seriously, I have just been caught up in birthday parties (lots in our family in April) and sluggish, hot days and freshening up the garden and, yes, even some crafting that just didn't get blogged about because I was either working on all the projects all at once (after realizing in a panic that I had several upcoming birthdays and no gifts started) or because I hadn't taken photos or because I hadn't uploaded the photos or any number of other reasons. I hope to be able to pick up the pace again soon.

Since I did work on a few things while I was playing absentee blogger, I have some more posts up my sleeve, and to herald my return to blogland, I am going to post every single weekday this week. Please ignore the pig flying overhead.

P.S. I have been sadly neglectful of the many awesome blogs that inspire me so much. I am hoping to find time to make the commenting rounds very soon!


Ravenhill said...

this is a very well-written post! I am struggling with the consistency part! It is difficult to fit blogging into my life sometimes. I love to do it but some days there is just too much going on. I also think it is nice to find time to visit and leave comments on other people's blogs!

Tweed Delights said...

Love it :)! Sometimes 'real life' gets too busy to blog about it - which is where I'm at just now!
See you soon when we're back on the same blogging rota, hehe :D!

Anonymous said...

great post, i only wish we had a digital camera that i could take pictures with and forget to share ;)

don't worry about not blogging so much, i prefer quality over quantity said...

This is awesome information, you know I'll be linking to this! =) I'm SO glad people are enjoying the Crafty Reading Roundup. Links to articles like this are what make it one of my favorites. It's so encouraging to read blog advice from bloggers who I really look up to. You're fantastic!

Muddlepud said...

Glad you all enjoyed it!

Rachel, you are WAY too kind, considering I am totally poking fun at myself. If anyone is a model blogger, it's you. I have NO idea how you keep up with so much, but I'm glad you do. :)

snipsnaphappy said...

I've just found your blog today and this post really made me laugh! I can identify with it!

Ali said...

That's the best crafty reading roundup post yet! Very funny. Now, I'm sure I have some Christmas photos lurking somewhere...

Gail said...

All of your "rules" are true. I think that the most important thing is to write a blog that you would like to read. I have opted to do only craft tutorials, leaving myself out of the equation; no discussion of my private life. I wonder if I'm right as all of the other blogs discuss bouts of flu, their children, pets, etc. Any thoughts?


Muddlepud said...

Gail, I don't really see a "right" or "wrong." I think it's just an individual choice.

I personally like a blog that focuses frequently on craft, with lots of lovely photos and crafty details, but also occasionally intertwines some personal detail. I think it's neat to see photos of someone's flea market adventures and see what things they're drawn to, or see the type of games they create to play with their children. It adds some character and personality to their craft and makes them interesting as "real" people beyond the craft.

That's just me, though. In the end, I think it just comes down to what you're comfortable with, what your purpose is, and so on. There are lots of different types of blogs and different types of readers--a lid for every jar, so to speak. ;)

I myself have been working on finding the right balance for me, as I want to allow my personality to come out and to be a "real" person but also to stay focused on the crafts. I think this blog will evolve with me as I try to strike the right chord.

Flora May said...

Hi there, just found you via Umatji. Great blog...very witty and lots of nice pictures...can't go far wrong with that if you ask me!