April 2, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Signs of Spring
I've been a little stalled. With the return of more spring-ish weather, I've found myself driven to tackle a host of chores that have been begging for attention, a spring cleaning of sorts. We installed ceiling fans and cleaned and organized closets and made charity piles and gave the house a much-needed scrubbing and ran errands and tackled piles of "to-dos" that we've been ignoring for months (my son's baby book!) ... so on. It didn't leave time for much else.

I did do some crafting, however, completing the aforementioned baby blanket, and then a second one of the same because I realized I had two babies to give gifts for. The blankets probably take a total of 6-7 hours to whip up, but when you're only working on them in 30-60 minute increments, they can seem to take forever. I didn't take photos because they look pretty much the same as the first one.

Beyond that, I have been brainstorming a bit for my "big move" to a new and improved blog with the hopes of an eventual Etsy store. That led to some indecision, which led to me really coming to a halt creatively until I was able to decide some things. (It's amazing how a simple non-creative decision will stop me in my tracks artistically; there's a part of me that just needs unresolved things to be "in order" before I can feel freed up to move on with other, freer pursuits.)

Before I hit this crafting lull, I did create one tutorial to share, and I'll be posting that later today or tomorrow, just as soon as I get it tweaked to my satisfaction. In the meantime I have been sketching and planning, and after I cross a few more things off of my chore list, I'll be ready to dive back into the crafting for crafting's sake once again. I'm looking forward to it.


Tweed Delights said...

Ah, crafting for crafting's sake - I'm sort of trying to get to that stage too, it's the best place to be : )! (I'm loving your new banner BTW!)

Emily said...

I get stopped in my tracks all the time! It's horrible.