March 11, 2009

To Do: Done

When I bought the fat quarters to make the pocket organizer in the last post, I had a hard time deciding which ones I wanted to use. My daughter's room colors are based on a mobile we hung in her room:

haba-mobile-sunshine-322x400.jpgI knew I wanted the more saturated pinks or oranges but wasn't sure which combination I liked. I ended up just bringing home a bunch of different fabrics so I could test them out. Since I only made one organizer, I had extra fabric, which meant I could make a couple of pillowcases to go in her bed.

Pillowcase, Pink
Pillowcase, OrangeUltimately, my indecision led me to create more work for myself, but I couldn't let such cute fabrics go to waste, could I?

4 comments: said...

I agree-you can't let them go to waste! That's why my dog has 8,687 bandannas. =)

Katy said...

Love your projects and fabrics in both of these posts! Beautiful work!

Tweed Delights said...

I love the pink/orange colour combination - very nice : )!

Melissa said...

ooh- nice room accessories. and i love the bed-pocket-organiser too- so handy!