March 6, 2009

Freebie Friday!

You thought I wouldn't make it in time for Friday, didn't you? Ha! I'm sneaking in at the last minute, but I'm here.

Sushi for Molly
A couple days ago I finally got around to making these great kitty toys. I put them together as a gift for my sister's kitties, mainly because my sister loves sushi and I thought they were cute. They are super quick to whip up and take very little fabric. The green for the nori belt isn't quite right, but I didn't feel like going to extra effort to get the right green for a couple of cats! I cut up an old terry wash cloth to make the "rice" and used other fabrics I had on hand for the egg, shrimp, and wasabi. Also, I used peppermint oil instead of catnip because catnip doesn't do it for her cats but they're batty for peppermint.

The pattern is not my own, but it is free, and you can find it here. Meow! Happy eating Hama, Higa, and Molly!


Tweed Delights said...

Never tried sushi (I'm so unsophisticated!!) but they look yummy - I'm sure the kitties will love them :D

Brook said...

hahha I like them!!! so funny!