December 3, 2008

More Fluff

See this?

I found it on eBay, and now I am wishing I had some place in my crafty area to put it. I would love to put all my lovely flossies in it. I found one listing that was selling eleven of these boxes with floss in them for $850.00. I was drooling. But if I don't have room for one box (and I really don't right now), I certainly don't have room for eleven. Bah. (As if I have $850 for eleven floss boxes. But nevermind that.)

As of tonight I have completed two out of the three remaining "big" embroidery projects ("big" meaning they're time-consuming and likely to make me tear out my hair). All except the finishing, that is. One is to be a tote bag, and the other a pillow, so whipping them up should take no time at all, and I hope to have some fresh posts for you on Wednesday and Thursday. Or Thursday and Friday. Or ... We'll see how lazy I am about taking photos.

I need to design the last one and get that going, and after that it's just smallish projects that I can fit in much more easily. Given that December is going to be a very busy month due to some changes in our family (good things, but change nonetheless), I am thrilled to know the bulk of my Christmas gifting is done. Phew!


Anonymous said...

I have no idea how much floss you have but I have a super cheap plastic DMC floss box (less than $3) and use cardboard bobbins (about $1.50 for a pack of maybe 100, maybe less) and they suit me fine. All my floss gets neatly tucked away in a box and barely takes up any room.

P.S. I look foward to seeing your projects soon!

Muddlepud said...

Thanks, bookwormbethie. I do have storage for my floss--I just like the look of the box, that's all. ;) (I also have learned that I hate the cardboard bobbins. I'm way too lazy for all the winding and unwinding, so I leave my skeins as-is and store them that way.) I've got an empty drawer I'm going to be fixing up for floss storage soon since I'm building up such a collection, but I have yet to find the motivation to get it organized!