October 26, 2008


Do you ever get so buried in your ideas that you stall out and fail to actually execute any of them? That's what happened to me last week. I started making a list of all of the Christmas gifts I intended to make, and when I plotted out how much time I thought each one would take, I began to realize just how tight it is going to be. I went into a frenzy of planning and prepping but couldn't seem to actually get started on anything. My workspace started to grow little piles of WIPs everywhere.

Midweek I did get a few things going, but I didn't really finish anything. Each project took (or is taking) longer than I anticipated, and sometimes I'm not even sure why. Add to that the fact that my crafting time is very limited (maybe a few minutes scattered here and there throughout the day and only a couple of hours each evening), and it's been slooooow progress. But I am making progress, and hopefully I will be able to post something more exciting tomorrow.

On another note, I totally scored on supplies this week. My mother-in-law gave me two boxes full of embroidery floss that she doesn't need, as well as some frames and hoops and other goodies.

Then I hit JoAnn's Midnight Madness sale and stocked up on floss and ribbon. (I mean, it was on super sale. I had to do it, right?) I am in that state of euphoria that can only be achieved after procuring gobs of gorgeous new supplies that are just waiting for a use. I like to pat it and sigh as I walk past it on my way to an actual in-progress task.

I am hopeful that all the new flossy goodness that is lying around waiting to be put away will allow me to continue carefully ignoring my "timeline" and the fact that I am way, way behind and at this rate will be doling out gifts for Valentine's Day.


pinkflowerbuttons said...

Hi Muddlepud, I totally get overwhelmed by my ideas. I get surges of them, and not a lot come to fruition. I am currently sewing up a wrap around skirt and it is taking longer than I thought. (You've reminded me actually.) The work will get done eventually. Its all fun. Lovely gift. Its fantastic getting your hearts desires given to you. Love the bag on the left top photo. Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

Muddlepud said...

Pink, I think for us creative types the battle between ideas and execution is pretty common, huh? At least we enjoy the process (most of the time).

Thank you for the compliment on the bag. It's a pattern from Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray and currently holds my embroidery project du jour.