October 8, 2008


All other crafting has come to a halt while I whip up a baby blanket. I always make one for each of my good friends' new babies. Since we're at a place in life where we're all building families, that's a lot of blankets! In mid-2007 through early 2008 I had five or six in a row before it finally slowed down. Then, suddenly, I got word a couple days ago that a good friend who lives two hours away just delivered her second baby and I realized I hadn't even thought about a blanket. It totally skipped my mind! I used to be able to throw these together in a day or two, back when I had unlimited time, but now I've got more on my plate. That means I have to concentrate on this blanket when I can or the baby will be having her first birthday party before I get it to her! I have an almost-finished embroidery project to share soon, but in the meantime, while I am putting nose to grindstone, here are a few photos of baby blankets I've made in the past.


Tweed Delights said...

Love the colours in the last pic in particular. I like the post title too - it caught my eye!!

Margie said...

Really like the last blanket for a ME blanket! Nice colors and pattern. Blog looks good too!

Muddlepud said...

Margie, thanks. It's actually big enough that it would make a lovely lap blanket for a grownup. I love that particular pattern because it's worked on a diagonal and is a little different without being too complicated. ;)