October 27, 2008

Reuseable Coffee Cuffs

At last, I have something to show for myself! I found the idea for these reuseable coffee cuffs on Craftster and decided to make some for Christmas gifts. I made up the pattern myself using a cardboard cuff from Starbucks, and I drew the designs myself as well. (This resulted in variations in sizing from cuff to cuff.) I should note that the guitar design started as free clip art that I modified to suit my plans, and the font is Pupcat, which is widely available for free download online.

These two are hand embroidered on muslin with a batik backing and a layer of batting in between. They're for someone who has gone green, and I thought these would fit the bill. (For more detailed photos--complete with coffee cup--check out my Flickr page.)

And these two are for someone who likes quilts. I used reverse applique (on batiks, with a layer of batting) for the first time here, so I kept the designs simple. I still have some learning to do with this technique, but it's good enough for a first try, I think. (Again, there are additional photos on my Flickr page.)

All of them have elastic loops on the back to allow for different sizes of cups. I wanted to use fancier elastic cording that matched better, but it was too thick to work with my design. Ah, well, I learned as I went, and this can be a revision for next time. So ... Whatcha think?


Tweed Delights said...

Fabulous! What a lovely gift idea.

Melissa said...

these are so cool. and useful! your embroidery is amazing.

jess said...