October 16, 2008

Deep Breath. Happy Dance. Carry On.

Whew! It has been a busy week! Since the weekend I have been wrapping up all sorts of projects and am finally feeling like my wip basket is under control. I have a couple more "personal" projects that need to be finished, and then I am back to being creative. Hopefully I'll get a few more fall-ish items done before I have to start plugging away at Christmas gifts.

One teeny project I completed was a baby turtle, Amigurumi style. I've done this pattern before, but I made it smaller this time by using a smaller needle. It's meant to be a "big brother" gift to a little boy who just recently gained a new sister.

I also made a weensy little felt teddy to go with the baby blanket. It has a yarn loop at the top, and I will tie it onto the blanket when I wrap it up. It takes no time at all to make, and I think it adds just a tiny bit extra to the presentation of the gift.

(Photos of the blanket will have to wait until tomorrow when I have better lighting.)

There's another big project that I am quite pleased with (you can see it a bit in the first photo), but that will have to wait for another day and another post. Be warned that if you think you may be one of my family members, you may want to avoid this blog for a while or risk spoiling your Christmas surprises!

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Tweed Delights said...

Very cute collection! A pat on the back is deserved, I think!